Mission and Vision

  • As manufacturer of display prints, displays and shelf management systems we are supporting our customers to permanently strengthen and increase their benefits at the POS (Point of Sale). This is happening reliable, innovative and under economical and ecological aspects.
  • Our company is orientating on the principles of sustainable business activities. In other words: All objectives and measurements respect the responsability for employees, economy and ecology and considering all legal regulations.
  • We are carefully listening to our customers and our motivated employees are developping individually tailored, modern solutions under complete consideration of efficiency, ecologically sensitive methods of production and preservation of natural resources. On schedule we are manufacturing and delivering products in high and lifetime quality. A long lasting after sales service is considered as self-evident. Our customers are supposed to having joy in confidentially cooperating with us for a longlasting partnership.
  • Informed, well-trained and motivated employees are the basis of a constantely working business- and social economic policy.
  • The selection of suppliers is happening under the aspects of economy and ecology with the goal of a longterm, confidential and loyal cooperation.

Margit Oechsle
Managing Director