OEK Price Labelling 2020

32 PRICE TAGS PRICE TAGS PRICE CASSETTE DELICATESSEN A8 WITH NUMBER STRIPS Price cassette with 2 different rear adaptors: suitable for OEK Klick acces- sories (series 300) and also accessories of other producers, with 6-digit num- ber strips (3 big, 2 small numbers, with different unit information, bilingual German/English, no wording). 2-piece mounted, front is transparent, housing in colors white, red and black. PU: 25 pcs. 13205-xx CLAMP "VISION 58" WITH KLICK-ADAPTOR To attach price cassettes, shelf barkers with OEK KLICK-adaptor. Set consisting of clamp "Vision 58", transparent and KLICK-adaptor, white. 28437-00 FK-FIX BASE For fixing the FK-Fix rods. The rods can also be inserted rotated by 180 °. Colors: transparent, white, black. 23970-xx FK ROD Rod with KLICK attachment to insert into the foot base FK-Fix . The rod is tilted by 30 °starting from the height of the KLICK attachment. Colors: transparent, white, black. 23975-xx 50 mm 23977-xx 100 mm 23979-xx 150 mm FK BASE Plastic base with adaptor to hold the FK rods 50,100 and 200 mm in differ- ent inclined positions. Colors: trans- parent, white, black. 23900-xx